Friday, November 17, 2017

This Week in Wargaming

It has been a productive week as far as my wargaming is concerned.

I was hoping to get a rather large lot of Britain's "B" series  44mm figures, which would have given me 4 new figures that I don't have. Unfortunately, I lost the bidding at the last second. While watching this lot, I did come across a single "B" series Coldstream Guard figure, which I ended up purchasing.

I also bought a lot of 16 30mm semi round figures; a very nice lot which has me pulling out my  semi round figures with the intention of using them soon. I originally was thinking of repainting them as Austrians from the 1860's, however, the paint isn't in as bad shape as I thought and I'm not sure I can bring myself to repaint them.

I managed to play two games. One I used my Peter Laing Army of Counterpane, the other game I used my Caesar miniatures fantasy figures. In this game, the humans were the evil army, the goblins simply defending their woods.

All in all, it was the most successful week I've had in a few months.
Britain's "B" series Coldstream Guardsman

Britain's "B" series figures.

"New" 30mm semi rounds.

Counterpane Army facing German army.

Among the Counterpane casualties was the hero of their first battle (center with chevron of merit).

Good goblins vs. Evil humans.

Comparing 30mm semi round figures on Heroscape terrain.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Pursuit of the Blue Army: a SAE Wargame

      With the Blue Army in full retreat, General Higginbottom started a rather casual pursuit. With a fresh militia regiment joining his force, Higginbottom turned the pursuit over the the militia commander. He also gave two companies of his grenadiers to the force. The blue force shouldn't be in any condition to rally.
     However, what Higginbottom didn't know is the Blue army received reinforcements of two companies. The blue commander found a nice ridge line to rally his force on and to turn and fight the Red army.
The red army prepares for battle.

The blue army take position on a ridge line. The new reinforcements, the grey battalion, takes the right flank. The blue commander keeps one company in reserve behind the ridge line.

The red army advances piecemeal.

The blue artillery opens fire, and drives one company of militia back.

The blue commander sends three companies forward to try to disrupt the red advance.

The red artillery opens fire and hits the company in front of it.

The blue continues to charge. A fourth company joins the blue charge.

This blurry photo shows the lay of the land during the game; the ridge line doesn't show with the flash of the camera.

The red fire forces two blue companies to retreat.

The blue army continues their attack. The blue commander brings up his reserve company onto the ridge.

The grey troops go right in at the militia.

The red left flank suffers a disastrous turn. One red company is wiped out, and the other company turns tail.

The red army is in a precarious situation.

The red commander shifts his left flank troops towards the center, and refuses the flank (always wanted to say that after seeing "Gettysburg"!) 

The red left flank is stabilized, and the artillery fire drives back another blue company.

The grey companies still inflect heavy losses on the militia, but they hold firm. One grenadier company breaks, but another company moves forward to their aid.

The red center moves forward...

...and the left companies put the grey companies to flight.

The militia overrun one grey company.

The blue army counterattacks.

One militia company breaks and runs.

Things seemed to turn to blue's favor.

However, once again, the red line stabilizes.

The combined fire causes heavy casualties amongst the blue forces.

The blue army decides to withdraw before their losses are too great.

The red army line at the end of the game.

This game gave me an opportunity to show off some more of the SAE clonal British figures I have. I should have put those figures closest to the camera, however, this game was quickly put together.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

SAE Wargame

Blue SAE army deployed, with two units of Zouaves. 

The red SAE army deployed.

The armies close.

The blue artillery loses one man and retreats.

Another blue unit breaks and runs.

The blue army rallies...

...and the red army loses 5 men and one unit retreats.

The red army counterattacks and two blue units retreat.

The second blue Zouaves advance.

The red cavalry moves forward.

The blue army loses four more men,and the artillery is forced to retreat again.

The blue army rallies...

...and three red units retreat.

The red army is in full retreat.

The red general, Higginbottom, comes forward and rallies his troops.

The cavalry kills two Zouaves and forces the other two to retreat.

The cavalry overruns the last of the Zouaves, and eliminates another infantry unit. The blue army is down to 50% and is forced to retreat.

The commander of the red artillery cheers General Higginbottom, the victor of the day.

I decided to use my SAE Guards after being inspired by reading Battle game of the Month. I used a mat that I believe I got from Hotzmats.  This mat worked well with the SAE figures.